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Tired, Confused, And Exciting News!

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Image: Not Me. I’m too tired to go into detail about it. It’s from that Marvel movie about a very small man... right? It’s called bug guy... I think... or maybe it’s insect fellah...

I’ve been really busy these past couple of days. School is ramping up again, and one of the classes I have is a real pain. You know when you have to take a class about something you don’t enjoy doing or want to ever do for money? Yeah. It’s that. I’m also editing a friend’s book, because I like feeling smart and useful. Who doesn’t? Speaking of feeling useful, I’ve been helping my upstair neighbors move (or, some of them. Two of the roommates up there were leaving, two were staying. Relationships tore roommates apart. So sad). So there was a lot of that, and I just got home after helping them paint a room.


It’s hard being a good person, but that’s not the point.

Illustration for article titled Tired, Confused, And Exciting News!
Image: This one is from The Nightmare Before Christmas. As you can see, Jack Skellington is wearing a ponytail and it’s making him feel too good, so in the movie he goes to the barbershop to get a haircut. But they cut too much, he ends up bald, and steals Christmas...

I get back on here and now we have a newsletter? For all our “quality” content? I know by now it’s all old news to you, but that hit me like a truck.

But here’s some cool news: I’m employed! I can’t tell you many details, because non-disclosure agreements are like that, but I can say that I’m going to get paid to write about automotive related stuff! Huzzah! It’s a step forward in a career I think I’d like.

Am I qualified to talk about cars? Probably not. But it doesn’t matter, those suckers bought it hehehe.

The pay is pretty dismal, and it’s not like I get to get in a car and take it for a test drive before writing a review (which would be the coolest job), but it’s experience and writing practice on an almost daily basis. So other than the crackpot stories I conjure up here, I’ll be writing other stuff for them as an “authoritative voice.” May send an article out once it gets finished, but I’m quite pleased!


I have about an hour before a Zoom lecture. I’d like not to go to it. I’m tired and my side hurts. But that’s life.

Take Care Folks!

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