Tired of changing tires

Look at what NYC Mayor DiBlasio made me do. Why is this a story on Oppo you ask? Why would I post something like this for all you Jalopoheads to read? Because I had repaired my left side tire the same afternoon after catching a nail. They plugged it(thought I may need 2 new tires) and I was on my way. I park into my garage and I hear a hissing sound. I thought it might be the CRV next to me....but no. It was my right tire!

I race over to the gas station while there is still some air in it to get Fix a Flat. It starts to leak out all over the rim. So then after 30 minutes of cursing, kicking, and shaking my fist into the air I whip out my tire changing kit which includes tire, jack, greasy white tank top, and a bottle of Coca Cola that I would occasionally sip on in slow motion while wiping the sweat from my brow.


The point of this story is this. I dislike potholes. Oh yeah, and I changed my Front sway bar link AGAIN after 5,000 miles.

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