It’s time to ditch the meaty winter rubber and swap on some grippy rubber bands. Direzza ZII star specs are discontinued and inventory is basically gone so as I see it, I have two choices. They’re both 200tw. Both same price. One is brand new, one is tried and true... Which do I pick???

Dunlop Direzza Z3 or Potenza RE71R?

Has anybody heard anything about the Z3's yet? The internet seems shockingly silent on the topic. They’re both priced great on tire rack for 205/50/15's ($110 each, with an additional mail in rebate) and they both should have fantastic grip. But the Bridgestones wear out in like a week (slight dramatization) and the new tread pattern on the Dunlops makes me think they sacrificed some of the wet grip I loved so much just to gain on the Bridgestones on dry pavement. Booooooo


Oh and in an act of pure class, the Subaru offered itself up for sale to help it’s injured brother recover. The Outback is sold. The Miata has upgraded versions of the stolen items ordered and on the way... We’ll never forget your sacrifice Blubaru. Mostly because you were bought by my neighbor so I’ll still see you daily!

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