It will see snow about 2 weeks out of the year, ice for about 2 months out of the year, highway for about 80% of driving, 15% city driving, and 5% of the time is on gravel or dirt roads, some with a 8% grade (although when I visit my 2nd cousin it’s easily 15%).

The Wranglers I have now are about 6 years old and have about 40,000 miles on them. These don’t have a treadwear rating or anything, but most forums rate them at 40,000. The tread looks good, and I could probably get another year out of them, but the age is a bit concerning, and being in the mountains with ice and all that you want good tires.

I’ll try and buy some before winter, maybe during Black Friday. I’d like to spend under $450 for the set. Preferably from Discount Tire or Discount tire Direct, because they’re just the best, always friendly and they always cater to my every will.

I was thinking just get new Wranglers, but they’re kind of a shitty tire, so maybe something different. All terrains aren’t that necessary, but they look cool and help in the snow. I was thinking low rolling resistance to help with MPGs, but they’re not great in any weather.

Any ideas? I’ll likely repost tomorrow around lunch.

Size is 235/70 r15

Also outside white lettering is preferred. Looks great on a white truck.