I am super confused about tires. My 944 desperately needs a set of performance tires to mitigate the POS ones on there.

Here's the deal, Currently my car has "WANDA" WP16's 205/55/R16's all around. This is completely the wrong size of tire, and the tires are horrific at higher speeds. I literally feel each of them just un-gripping at high speeds. It is not a good feeling.

The wheels on my 944 are apparently from a 928 S4, which means that they are a staggered 16 inch set, with 7" wide wheels in the front, and 8" wide wheels in the back. This website has my wheel set listed and recommends:

Tires = Front - 225/50 16 / Rear - 245/45 16

I don't really know how I feel about that considering it lists rear tires that are less "tall" than the fronts. Does that make any sense?


Now, assuming that this tire size makes sense, finding actual tires for these wheels has proved difficult, so to make things simpler I changed the "searcher" on tire rack to the setup listed above to: Tires = Front - 225/50 16 / Rear - 250/45 16. I found a few tires for the one listed above the modified one (in quotes) but they are all autocross/track tires, and while that may be awesome, this car will see more street usage than track. So I am basically looking for the highest performance street tires I can get. Summer tires only preferable. Anyone got any suggestions for an 18 year old on a "just bought another car" budget? Thanks guys.