Well, my rear driver’s side somehow had a literal chunk of tire gashed out. The tires it is currently sitting on are backordered at Continental with no estimated ETA..so probably a long fucking time. So my question is, what does oppo recommend as a replacement?

The specific tires they’re on right now are the ExtremeContact DWS 06, sizing is 275/35/18 95y.

The guy at the local tire shop is recommending the Contact Sport All Season:


These two tires are supposed to be the same size, but the contact sport appear to not be as wide at the DWS 06. Could that just be the stock photo?

Regardless, if it’s a different tire I’ll need to replace all four..hooray. So if that’s the case I ask Oppo, which tires do you recommend?


Other Details:

-This is my daily driver

-I live in Phoenix, AZ so it’ll be a year round tire

-18" wheel size, as stated earlier

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