I’ve got two sets of wheels for my 944 that I’m in the process of refinishing. I’m nearly done with the last pair, so I’m starting to think about how I want to use them.

The wheels are “Cup IIs” from a 993, and they come in a staggered set of 17x7 and 17x9. My original plan was to use a square setup with 245-series summer tires mounted on the four 17x9 wheels, and mount 215-series snow tires on the 17x7 wheels.

Then I decided to toss the wheels on my scale and discovered that there’s a whopping 10-pound difference between the 17x7 and 17x9s. So mounting the 17x9s will be an increase of 40 pounds of rotating mass to a car that’s already pretty low on power.

On the other hand, it’s a 944, it’s never going to be that fast - it’s all about the handling anyway, right? Plus, big fat tires always look sweet.

I do still have the original 15” wheels that I could use for winter duty, run 17x7s all around, and sell off the 17x9s.


Anyway, I guess the question is - what would you do, Oppo - narrow but light wheels or wide but heavy wheels? I suppose I could split the difference and run them as a staggered set, but that seems kind of pointless on a low-powered car with a near 50:50 weight distribution.