My hanger has not arrived, I craved in and went to a local shop so that they would machine one, yesterday I came in to see their 800 peso (43USD!!) aluminum, handmade hanger, just to realize it was a piece of shit.

It didn’t align with the frame because obviously it wouldn’t

It was crooked and it didn’t alling with the screw holes, this because instead of using the picture I sent them of the factory catalogue, they instead used my crooked,bent hanger as a fucking basis for their new crappy ass hanger.

LaPierre part 02015010, AKA: my hanger. when not bent.

I complained about this, just for the store owner to piss on me saying that “They do much more expensive bike hangers and they don’t complain” and “You should’ve given us a correct base for us to make the hanger.” But the thing is: I did give them the picture of the factory hanger, in fact, I gave it to the store owner, the clerk, and the machinist. when I asked for my bent hanger they went hands up and basically asked me to give them money for what is basically trash.

Later on the mechanic sent me a pissing message saying that it was, again, my fault. But that he would gladly “bend it into shape” if I brought my frame in.

Now, I’m no materials expert, but I do believe that there’s this thing called “metal fatigue” and that you can’t simply bend aluminum into place, not without messing with the frame you can’t!


He said the picture wasn’t to scale and that he couldn’t work that way, it was too much work. So instead I vectorized the picture, made it using CAD software and now will use the university’s cutting machine to make my own part with help from my friends in materials engineering.

It’s still very much work in progress, I need to measure dem holes more accurately and scale it. For that I shall be measuring my bike’s frame because the stupid shop kept my bent hanger. I don’t know if its too much work for a professional machinist, after all, I’m just a dumb teenager and it took me the most excruciating 15-minutes of my lunch time.


Anyway, I found it just dandy that they would complain about doing their job correctly. I feel sorry for the owners of the “more expensive bikes” that had the harrowing experience to work with these people.

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