Tis Futile

As I have posted on here in the recent days I have been looking for a small SUV, also called a CUV but that sounds stupid. However today came the day to test drive an Escape. That was the plan however when it comes to cars nothing ever goes to plan. I ended up test driving a Blue Candy Ford Focus SE. I have absolutely fallen in love with this car. My short test drive took me onto the interstate and winding roads around coal mines and doing a highly illegal speed with a corvette on the interstate. All in the mileage went from 19 to 82 on this drive, and I accidentally ran it out of gas almost in the boonies. It read 0 miles when the nearest gas station was 5-6 miles away. This will be the car that I will be purchasing.

P.S. I borrowed the image from ruxerford.com because I forgot to take one.


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