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For just $60,520 you can get into a 2016 Nissan Titan XD Platinum Reserve Diesel 4WD Crew Cab and get a better value than a pack of lunchmeats. This configuration of Titan XD weighs in at a minimum of 7,480 lbs (3,393 kg). Yeah, it’s big boned. But that means it’s only a tad over $8.09 per lb! If you buy prepackaged meats and cheese, even on the low side you’re spending $3.99 for a 7 oz pack. That’s $9.12 per lb! So treat yourself to a Titan XD, it’s cheaper than your kids’ sandwich.


I know, you’re still flipping out over the weight of that truck. That Cummins engine seems to add about 700 lbs over the Endurance 5.6L V8. Now with that said, every 3500 series truck in their largest cabs configuration with 4wd, top trim, and diesel engine equipped are about 300lbs lighter (minimum) than that top trim Titan XD. Yeah.

By the way, it’s usually cheaper to purchase your meats fresh sliced at the deli counter. Even the premium meats priced at $10.99 per lb end up being about $4.80 for 7 oz. You are what you eat; buy better, live better.

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