title: so its snowed in the UK.

last night at around 8pm uk time it snowed and its around 2-3" deep at the most in my village, to get out of the village you have to go up hill, there are around 6 roads that range from gentle slope to quiet steep.... AND NO ONE IN THE UK CAN DRIVE PROPERLY.

me the wife and 4 kids went to do some shopping today and i drove. Its a little slippy and starting to ice over but oh my god people learn to fu**ing drive. Our steed is a vauxhall/opel zafira 1.8 auto fwd, according to the owners club its horrible to drive in snow/ice but we didn't have any problems.

snow seems to shut down the entire of England regardless of if its 1" or 6" everything just stops. It annoys the hell out of me when a land rover discovery with snow tires on cant get up a small hill in 4wd but i 6up+shopping in a fwd auto mpv can go straight past them with no problem, i don't have winter tires on, iv made no preparation for the snow other than putting a shovel in the car.

how can people not drive in 1-2" of snow. Please tell me its not just the UK that has useless incompetent drivers, Americans, you guys had a shit ton of snow a few weeks back and you still got where you needed to. Do other countries have people driving at 5or less mph in snow and wondering why that cant get up hills.

and people wonder why i don't like other people....