Watching this very long video on a stock TJ 2.5 going off road made me realize that the TJ was peak wrangler. Yes the JK and now JL are by far the most popular and way more capable and yet, less...Wrangler.

It’s not that I don’t think the bigger more capable Jeeps are any less Jeep, or they aren’t hitting the market need, or even that they aren’t great in their own right I just think they are missing the point of the wrangler a little bit.


You needed so much less tire and engine when you had so much less Jeep. Couldn’t Jeep find a way to make a Wrangler sized Wrangler these days?

one that didn’t need 33 inch tires stock just to fill out the fenders, and 35's to do any real wheeling


This stock 2.5L 5 speed TJ did the same lockhart basin that the other trucks with lockers and sliders and bigger tires did. Yeah, it took more work, but it did it.

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