So, apparently I own a Subaru Outback from the July 2016 - Zone A recall. The long and short of that is, your passenger is about as safe as they would be if they rode with a Bouncing Betty in their lap, so don’t let anyone ride in your front passenger seat. I see that as a major problem, because we bought my wife a station wagon for the utility of hauling large quantities of people and dogs around. How on earth is that an appropriate workaround to the problem, especially considering that they could offer no timeline for resolution? If my wife didn’t need the utility of a 5 passenger wagon, we would still own my (much more fun) NA Miata. I know I can unplug the fuse for the airbag and pretend I’m a bomb disabling badass, but I really want people riding in our car to be safe. If I put pressure on Subaru, do they need to provide me with a rental in the interim?