TL;DR of my SE Asia trip

Vietnam - I’d say my favourite. I’m still waiting to receive a custom suit I had tailored, the cost was exceptionally low and the experience great. The food is incredible and also cheap.

Thailand - surprisingly expensive (relative to Vietnam). I want to a bunch of islands and they are extremely touristy and the prices are raised to match that. Bangkok can be cheap or expensive depending on where you look, but if you ever want to visit here you have to go during Songkran. It’s an incredible city-wide water fight, something I’d only dreamed of as a kid.


Angkor Wat - it’s beautiful but a lot of the ruins start to look pretty similar, and it’s deathly hot (we were typically in 40+ degree weather). If I had to do it again, I’d have spent less time here. Despite using the US dollar, it’s still a cheap place overall.

Singapore - it’s a modern marvel of a city. I love how well put together the place is; many will say it’s expensive, but coming from Canada I still think it’s cheaper for things like food whereas I find their price on beer to be far too high (some cans of beer going for $7+ at corner stores). With our respective currencies at parity I don’t think it’s nearly as expensive as most people say it is, with the exception of finding somewhere to stay which was easily the most expensive part.


I’d easily go back to Vietnam and Bangkok. Singapore is a place I’d like to visit if I had a lot more money to spend.

P.S. I did not get any food-related shits, any gastro issues were completely self-inflicted with my extremely high beer consumption rate during this trip.

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