What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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TL;DR - I want to write short reviews and I want your help.

This is an idea for a series of articles I have been kicking around for a while that is aimed at my fellow members of the ADHD generation. The goal: provide short reviews of any cars I have owned or driven for an extended period.


I’m sure this has already been done in the past, but I would encourage others to contribute as well. Using the same tags, over time, we could amass a database of consumer knowledge all kept in one, easy-to-find place.

The format: pictures accompanying five basics sections. In general, the first four would be the TL;DR review. Readers could read these and then jump directly to the bottom and comment about how wrong I am. The last section would be more detailed for anyone who is interested in additional reading.


EDIT 5/29/16: The last section is now a separate post entitled TL;DR Uncut.

The sections would be as follows:

(1) What is it? Basic info about the car and its trim level

(2) Pros: a few positive things

(3) Cons: a few negative things

(4) Summary/recommendation: would you recommend it? How would you describe this vehicle to someone who could be interested in buying one?


(5) Detailed Review. EDIT 5/29/16: Link to accompanying TL;DR Uncut. This is the part that people can skip if they so choose. It could contain any amount of knowledge about the vehicle that the author wishes to share. One could give more details about the pros and cons, or provide service and repair stories, or links to find those hard-to-source parts, or really anything somebody wants to share.

The first review should be coming soon. Thanks for reading!

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