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When black bumpers were all the rage. Photo from moibbk.com

What is it? This is the 1991 Dodge Shadow, which was built on the FWD Chrysler P-body platform, a K-car derivative. While the model was offered as a coupe with a 2.5L turbo, 5 speed manual, and plenty of interior amenities, this one was quite the opposite. It was a sedan that had many manual things, such as door locks and mirrors and windows, but the gearbox was not. It came with a TorqueFlite 3(!) speed auto getting 100 horsepower and 135 ft.lbs from a 2.2L naturally aspirated, wheezy old dog.

Remarkably unremarkable interior. Photo from curbsideclassic.com

Pros: reliable; has a rear hatchback/window thingy; apathy can be a wonderful feeling to have for a car

The rear seat folds down as well, just not flat. Photo from fourtitude.com

Cons: I’ve ridden lawnmowers that felt faster; the transmission slipped under any hard acceleration from zero; rusts like crazy; the words “disposable car” come to mind and, as a result, parts searches can be extremely frustrating

It was really hard to find someone proud enough to post a picture of the n/a 2.2L. Photo from theturthaboutcars.com

Recommendation: If your standards are very low, you can’t be disappointed. If you want extremely cheap, no-frills transportation, look no further than a Shadow or its twin, the Plymouth Sundance. But this car, with these options, is not at all the one I would recommend.

My actual car in 2005, shortly after a novice paint job. Can you spot all of the Wal-Mart +5 HP add-ons?

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