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To all new Opponauts- A Primer on Tags

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What are tags?- Tags are essentially labels for your posts. Some are obvious like "BMW," "Car Porn," or "Plainelopnik," some are kinda strange like "Ghost Ride The Blip" (more on that one later) Tags help organize posts so that we (and you) can find the cool stuff you post later. This is especially important because the search function sucks.


How do I tag?- When you are creating/editing your post you will notice a bar at the bottom where you can insert a tag. You can use as many tags as you like, just be sure to separate with commas for ex (BMW, E30, M3). The more tags you use the easier it is to find the post later.

How do I use tags to find a post?- Like I mentioned the magnifying glass thingy (technical term) search function is pretty much useless. So if you are looking for a post that was tagged "E30" you can use the URL ( as you can see any post that was tagged with "E30" will appear.


Do I have to tag my posts?- Absolutely not! But it is really cool if you do. However, I do suggest if you are participating in a "Theme Day" and you are posting from mobile put that Theme Day title in your post, and it should appear with the rest.

What is this "bait" thing?- Some of us (well most of us) around here have slightly unhealthy obsessions with certain cars (can you guess what mine is?). So, when others post a pic of such car, we can "Bait" tag the person who is really into it. Probably the most famous "bait" around these parts is $KAYBAIT. $kaycog loves some Ford GT40/GT, so whenever we come across a cool pic of this ride we will tag "$KAYBAIT." You do not have to "bait" everyone but it is one of the things that makes this community great, and if you are curious who has what "bait" have a look at the Reader's Rides Spreadsheet.


(Edit- this post was written many moons ago, before neu Kinja when we could Ghost Ride, sadly that is no longer possible)

Thank you and Keep Oppo Awesome. Oh if you would like to offer any more tag-tips, please do so I will add them in.

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