highmodulus, I'm looking at you.

Let's just review the last race shall we?

1st & 2nd were less than a second apart, and were straight up racing with no team orders, no Multi 21, no politics, no savings of fuel

3rd was a guy who got his first ever official podium.

4th was a guy who started from 15th and made it to 4th, in a track that is notorious for no passing

5th was a total dark horse, no one was expecting his performance. He only lost out because of a bad pit stop strategy


6th and 7th were another 2 team mates trying to beat each other, with some seriously good work from both drivers. Something you rarely see from Ferrari.

8th got their first point of the season, and shows that Lotus may still be a threat towards the end of the season.

Now you tell me, HOW IN THE ACTUAL FUCK is that a "ruined race"???

Last season we saw Vettel buggering off ahead to win every race. At least this time it is a) not him, and b) two drivers fighting every single race.


Formula 1 is kicking arse this year. Deal with it.