...I just want to point out that every time a forum changes hosting, it takes a massive membership hit. Sometimes so bad that’s it’s not recoverable. I’ve seen forums this big fade into the ether and die.

So what to do? If we really want to do this, I think we enact a plan that we all decided on (I’ve read lots of proposed options here; there’s an oppositelock.com, a reddit, and I signed up for the discord feed today). If possible, maybe we’d even want a period where posts are copied to the new forum. We would need a smooth transition, because the frenzied life raft approach is more likely to fail.

For now, they killed Kenny, the bastards, but another Kenny takes his place. I don’t know how many Kennys there are left on deck.


ETA: looking at the oppositelock.com site and the way it’s being constructed it seems really good to me. I’d happily migrate there. I just will be sad if we can’t port over all our institutional memory. I’ll take what I can get though.

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