That’s the question OPPO. So, my wife thinks we should get a beater truck. I’m not convinced. We would’ve used it about half a dozen times this year and last. I think we’re mostly done with house projects that a truck would facilitate, but I would’ve said that last year too, and been wrong. If nothing else, we get the truck and I run out of major house projects, for a win? I’ve always been of the school of thought that you don’t want a truck, you want a friend with a truck. But I got no friends with trucks.

I don’t think we’ll come out ahead financially compared to just grabbing that crappy home Depot truck for twenty bucks, but we needed it last week and they didn’t have it. So, she’s right that it would more convenient. So OPPO, is the convenance of a beater truck worth the cost? Looking at something like these



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