Long story short, the fiancé was taking the 2012 A3 (black) the other day to go shopping. Someone turned left in front of her (she had the green) and put a rather large but not damaging scrape down the front bumper. She was honorable about it and the insurance has paid us to get it fixed. No big deal.

While at the body shop I happened to ask the service rep about painting the chrome grille and fog surrounds while they were at it, something I've always wanted to do to the car. He mentioned since they were taking off the bumper anyway and would have to remove them for paint that it wouldn't be a big deal to hit them with the gun. They would prep the chrome surface and hit it in body color. In short, they'd do it for free included in the other work. So, Since it's not costing anything, to blackout or not to blackout?