So I’m in the market for a new car at the moment and my budget is a very pathetic $3000. So I’ve been on craigslist religiously lately and this guy shows up

I’ve been very interested in civic si’s but always thought they were out of my budget, but there are a couple things that concern me with this car

-the front bumper as you can see it looks a little out of wack, especially on the drivers side

-Also owner says it’s a newer motor in it from a rsx, due to the fact previous owner ran it dry. And he says it was done professionally but cannot find the receipt for it, also he claims clutch was done at the same time too.


-And the A/C is inop at the moment too which shouldn’t be that much a problem for me to figure out I’m into slight wrenching

So Oppo do you guys think this is something worth looking at, let alone pulling the trigger on.