This incredible V6 Mustang.

It has had some body work done.

It has the bare minimum to pass a safety, whether it will pass is another question.

For $2,000cad/$1,526usd I gladly drive it.

The last half of the ad that worry/intrigue me:


Q: Is it street legal?

A: Technically, it has all the equipment required to be operated on public roads (in Ontario at least). This includes OEM seat belts, all lights, horn, wiper, windshield etc.

Q: What do cops say?

A: Depends on the cop - but they will usually ask for proof of insurance and sometimes will do a roadside safety. Iโ€™ve taken it straight to the police station once and had a cop confirm itโ€™s fine to drive. Itโ€™s gone through three traffic officer safety inspections now and passed each time (though one cop pointed out the front tires were low on tread - this was promptly dealt with though).

Q: How many times have you been pulled over?

A: Four times now. Two of the times were within a 5 minutes time span though haha. Plates have never been pulled and car has never been impounded. Keep in mind I only put on 2000 km in the past year though.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Iโ€™m an engineer and designed the cage to ensure it can withstand huge forces. My friends and I trust this with our lives - weโ€™ve taken it rallying, off roading and drifting.

Q: Has it been in an accident?

A: Surprisingly, no. We actually stripped a perfect accident free car to get this end result (carfax or carproof will show this). It has hit a pole while in my possession, but that barely made a dent.

Q: Why did you build it?

A: For fun. Also cause i suck at driving, so wanted to practice drifting. See video:

Q: Why only $2k?

A: I spent over twice that amount prepping the car. $2k on the purchase + $3k in parts and materials to build the cage & replace maintenance items (new brakes, wheel bearing, rear axles, LSD etc.) Iโ€™m leaving the country this summer so need to sell my toys (I have a Porsche 911 for sale too!).

To sweeten the deal, Iโ€™ll throw in an extra set of drift rims, 8 (EIGHT) extra tires and a manual tire changer. This is everything you need to get started with drifting!