That is the question! I have less than two weeks until my big overland trip in the Wagovan. While things are falling off the TODO list nicely, many items still remain. The biggest question in my mind at the moment: should I replace the cooling system.

All the hoses and pipes look fine and the coolant is nice and green. I have no reason to suspect a cooling system problem.

That said, I have no history on the system and I have all the parts to do the refresh. The only hose that look like it’ll be a pain is the lower radiator hose, which appears to need a skid plate removed to get at it.


I did, however, just “relocate” the coolant expansion tank and sort of feel like now is the time.

That said, I have other stuff to be working on so... maybe just leave it?

What does Oppo think?

[update] I went for it.  The skid plate was easy to take off.

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