Every time I take my car, I rediscover what is wrong with it, and on weekends, I tend to forget what I have to do on it.
So let’s misuse Oppo as a to-do list, and keep the pressure up to get everything sorted before the Oppomeet in Wales in end of March.
It’s not too much, and there’s a lot of time left. but I tend to think there’s always enough time left, and then rush everything in the end.

The important stuff:

  • Change the leaf springs
  • Figure out the power steering issue
  • Get an alignment
  • Do an oil change (first one after engine rebuild)
  • Build suspension stoppers (to stop the car from rocking when the dog moves around at night)
  • Repair the roof tent (the floor cracked at one spot)
  • Rewire the reverse lights and 4x4 dash light (new trans has other connectors)

The less important stuff:

  • Check and refurbish the injectors if needed (should have done that during the rebuild)
  • Paint the hood so it matches the rest of the car
  • Refurbish the steering wheel (the enamel has rough edged cracks)
  • Repair the front windshield washer
  • Repair the rear window wiper
  • Wire the intercooler fan and thermostat
  • Swap the interior (plastics and carpets from a darker Pajero, seats from something different)
  • Install a back-up camera

Let’s see how far I’ll get, 3 1/2 months left.