Now that I have a third and rather old vehicle, I have things to accomplish vehicle-wise. How about you Opponauts?

For the S10, I have two rather major things and the rest are all minor.


  • Replace radiator (small leak)
  • Figure out occasional hard starts (most likely a fuel pump - will repair before winter)
  • Fix tailgate handle (broken, ordered new one already)
  • Fix dome light and map lights (none work, hopefully just bulbs)
  • Fix door speakers (don’t work, more than likely disconnected)
  • Clean interior (not worried about exterior since it is a truck but the cab is gross)
  • Replace sliding rear window latch (missing)

The airbag light came on for about five minutes yesterday and then went away as mysteriously as it arrived. Old GM problems.

Not too bad and all things I can do myself (except radiator and fuel pump - I’ll get help with those). And my buddy that works on my car has a ‘97 S10 that he put a new motor in, so he knows the S-Series better than anyone else I know. Always good to have knowledgable friends!

Like a rock! (Remember those commercials?!)