To Fiat or Not to Fiat?

That is the question.

Grassroots Motorsports
Grassroots Motorsports

Right now there is a nice base 124 Spyder at my local Fiat dealer. Looks more or less like the car above. I’m playing with the idea of leasing a car to take over daily duty, as I have recently realized that my SS is quite rare and also seems to attract idiots. Dealer says they can do in the realm of $250 a month for it as a lease. I drove the car, and I quite like it. Fun, basic, nice to look at. Plus it gets far better fuel economy, with the SS returning a lovely 16mpg.

What does Oppo think about it? Is leasing a good idea? Or should I just save my pennies and buy a similar used car? What are peoples’ thoughts about the 124 in general?

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