the leak down nozzle adapter has been extracted from the spark plug hole.but i’m nervous and more confident.

I almost feel like this was a warning sign to GTFO before I really mess something up. But on the other hand, I feel good because I (we - my brother-in-law is partnering up with me for the project) actually got to run the leak down test on 1 cylinder before our little oops.

The car is throwing some sort of ‘random misfire’ codes for cylinder 1 and 4 so we started with 1. First we got the piston to the top of the cycle. it seemed difficult to get it to the exact top. At one point the exhaust leaked then the intake when we moved the crank forward and back. We then rotated a half cycle and tried again and both held making me think we were in the wrong cycle the first attempt. The only thing that seemed to leak was the tool/adapter in the spark plug hole. When we went to test 4 is when we left the adapter in the hole and ended progress for the day


. The leak down test showed in the green (60%) I think but could have been off from the thing leaking. I also think that there was some oil left in the cylinder. My cousin (who’s car it is) had put a little oil down there as a way of getting the car home. He says without the oil it wont run so that could have messed up our results too. What do you guys think?