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To get a second dog or not to get a second dog.

I am a single parent. My child is heading off to college and would be gone by now if not for covid. I work a lot and have been working through this whole thing as an essential computer programmer. I am fairly happy remaining single.

I live in a condo, I do not have a yard. I do live in an area with a ton of open space though but no fences, no yards, and TONS of coyotes, rattlesnakes, and sometimes a cougar.

I currently have a 70lb cattle dog/hound. He is super friendly and LOVES other dogs but is extremely high energy and a general hard dog to have. I mean, I have never encountered a dog that needs so much stimulation before and I have had dog aggressive pit bulls.

I have been thinking of adopting a second dog, it’s a homeless 25lb dog that was living with a homeless feller. It’s a young dog, like mine, maybe 1.5 years. Both dogs are very social and I bet they would get along very well.

But, I have a ton on my plate. My reasoning for adopting a second dog would be to keep the stress the same or lessen it. And also no have another living soul in my condo. I truly couldn’t handle two of the dog I have now though so when I went to adopt the second dog I freaked out and left.

To second dog or not? I admit I pay a lot for my vet, probably a cool 1200-1500 a year but I am guessing that’s not normal.


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