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To get the good coffee at my new job, I go upstairs to engineering

My new job is at a company that makes stuff that is very complicated, high-tech, and important. Me, I’m just the guy who has to find and hire more people to work here. I stash my lunch in the fridge upstairs in Engineering, and they have a Jura Micro espresso machine with extremely detailed instructions taped on it.

My usual coffee routine doesn’t involve coffee brewed at work, because I try not to drink too much, and I already start my day with a cup of overly fancy and fussy coffee at home, which is fresh ground in a Krups burr grinder and then brewed in a Bonavita pour-over machine.


And then on my way out the door, I fill a vacuum tumbler and bring it to work, and that’s it for coffee for me. But occasionally I want a little bit more coffee, and when I do, the Jura upstairs is nice to have.


As you would expect from a bunch of engineers, the instructions are very thorough.


Now that I think about it, these look like they were probably xeroxed out of the instruction manual? But hey, still very thorough and engineer-y.


The only thing is, my tumbler is too tall for this machine, so I have to brew the coffee into some other cup then dump it into the tumbler. Because I can’t simply drink coffee from a mug, it must be maintained at optimum temperature in my vacuum tumbler.

This is why I’m good at finding and hiring engineers.

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