So as some of you may remember, this summer, I dug out my motorcycle out of the garage. Took it for a spin around the block. Landed it on my ankle and spent the rest of the time recovering.

Contemplated either taking ANOTHER Motorcycle safety course or sell motorcycle.

I figured I’ll take another motorcycle safety class.

So this weekend, I was taking the class. Going around a turn and like an idiot, grabbed the front brake. Front wheel got away from me... and landed motorcycle on same fucking ankle.


Now, granted my error in brake grabbing, but also motorcycle was much too small for me. Handle bars were digging into my knees on the turn so I had to make lots of adjustments to make a turn.

Also, I didn’t feel like a complete idiot, when instructor did a face plant off a motorcycle while doing a demo for the class. I feel bad he got hurt (not terribly) but still. Been instructor since 1985. I suppose everyone succumbs to gravity sooner or later.

So now... I’ve seen my instructor eat pavement. I’ve landed bike on me twice.

Do I give up? Do I sell my bike and proclaim failure or do I get back on the horse and try again?


Sometimes the stars align themselves just so that it is a sign that it’s not meant to be.

Other times, it’s just a course you have to go through to get better experience before you get out there in the real world.


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