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To go Black or stay White...

This is the question I face my fellow Opponauts...

Somewhere before I bought my DD ‘09 Hyundai Accent hatch, somebody had given the front-left corner a little shunt, pushing the fender back towards the door by a few millimeters, putting a little crack in the bumper cover, and putting a crack in the headlight casing on the drivers side.

Last year I noticed that the fender had been rubbing on the door a bit (although making no noise) and had created a little rust spot there that I didn’t want to get any worse, so I had the door taken off, and the fender taken off, reattached correctly further forward to clear the door edge, and the edge of the fender and door repainted to ward off any future rust. All great, all not that expensive.

I didn’t get the headlight replaced as, at the time, the crack passed safety inspection (it still does), and it wasn’t leaking. I HAVE noticed that it does seem to be leaking a little now as I often see condensation inside the light and even a tiny pool of water after it rains. I could fix this with a little dash of silicon sealant, but the crack is pretty obvious and I’ve thought about replacing the slightly UV-damaged and cracked light with a used or new replacement. This would be the cheaper, factory/OEM ‘White’ option, mentioned above (seen below)...

However, in my travels, I’ve found these too and always liked the look of them:


The price seems fairly reasonable, plus free shipping and as I want to personalize my car a little more, it would be a nice start.

Does anybody have any experience with aftermarket blacked-housing headlights? The reflector seems to still be fully intact for the hi/low beams as the blacked out part is just structural, not really part of the light reflector area....the turn signals, though...they seem to have lost the part of the reflector that would reflect the light sideways..? Original light for comparison:

Thoughts my friends? :)

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