I can't help it. Not only do I not like butts (I'm afraid I just can't lie), I also tend not give a rat's ass about cars most other enthusiasts adore. The GT-R? Boring. The 911 GT2? Meh. 458 Italia? Snooze. On the other hand, I tend to love oddball cars that are generally either forgotten or maligned in someway, despite having a great deal of potential. 

Case in point: the Saturn Astra. When you think about it, it's kind of hard to figure out just what the hell to make of this little thing. It's something out of Europe, a slightly older platform, that was simply thrown haphazardly into the American market because GM was trying desperately for positive press for Saturn, despite the fact that there wasn't much to be positive about at that point in time. And so we got a new(ish) compact to replace the generally lousy (except in Red Line trim) Ion. It was practical, but it was in no way designed for the American market, and it was obvious. There was simply no mistaking this for being anything other than an over-the-fence effort. But for all of that, and it's outdated automatic, it drove and handled quite well. It wasn't fast by any means, but unlike the S-series and the Ion that preceded it, there was a little bit of aftermarket support for  it. Plus, it could be had with a manual, and even in stock form, the manual was decently peppy.

So, go figure, it sold like cold pancakes and is already essentially forgotten. 

And yet, part of me wants one. They're good little cars, they can be made to go and handle quite well, and their a little bit different than your everyday compact.