A friend of mine is stuck in a meeting, but gave me the keys to his new car. I’m sitting in it right now typing this. If I pull it out and hoon, I’ll lose a friend. If I don’t, I miss the experience, but keep the friend. Decisions, decisions.

I’ll just rev that Lambo V10 a bit and try to hide my erection to passers by.

Oh, and an outside pic:


UPDATE: I did not hoon, and I’m glad I didn’t. Shortly after posting it, my friend came out, we chatted, and he said that he doesn’t really know much about having a car like this (he’s been a truck kind-of-guy until now). So, in the next few weeks, we agreed to get together, go over the car, and make a date to get with an instructor to teach him how to track it. I’ll also drive it around and probably drive on the track as well.


Today was a good day.