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To Live And (Hopefully) Work In Charlotte, NC

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In exactly one month from today I will restlessly lay awake in the middle of the night, pondering my future and washing out the looming anxiety attacks with episodes of Top Gear on Netflix, for the next day will be the day I move to Charlotte, NC.


I want to be completely up front with you, Oppo: The purpose of this post is to advertise myself to any of you with which it may concern - I am looking for a job.

My move to Charlotte come this August will be the first time I live away from my parents’ home and seek to live a life successfully on my own. While I will still be somewhat dependent on them as they help me through school, I will have my own place and pay my own bills, which is where you, the reader, may be able to assist me. Perhaps I will be able to assist you.


I would like you to employ me.

My name is Justin Westbrook, and as of August 1st of this year I will be 21, a resident of Charlotte, NC, attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and unemployed. If you live or work in or around the Charlotte area - knowing how massive it is, there’s a decent chance you do - and would be willing to offer a college student a position, I am interested.

To whom it may concern, I hold an Associates Degree of Arts that I obtained through an Early College program (where you take high school and community college courses in a cohesive and complimentary schedule) and will be attending UNCC to finish my Bachelors in Business with a focus on brand management and marketing. I have held a management position at Jimmy John’s Gourmet Subs, as well as an Assistant Manager position at Chick-Fil-A. I have experience working nearly two years for Starbucks Coffee Company as well. Some of these positions were held at the same time. I can confidently tell you I work in a professional manner, and I have always effortlessly been sociable with both my colleagues and customers. I have an excellent work ethic, and a drive for success and praise that is obvious through my work.

While I value my time and experience at my previous places of employment, they can not prepare for the future I hope to achieve during and after my years of studying. I am looking for an opportunity to gain the professional skills that will be expected and required from me in my future expeditions including experience in an office environment, deadline management, interpersonal skills with business coworkers and customers at a business or professional level, as well as advancing my current endeavors in writing and copy-editing.


Other notable achievements of mine include the ongoing James Bond blog project over at, a blog in which I write research-based articles, news stories, as well as opinionated and periodical-like stories and articles. I also manage all of the content including pieces relevant to the community of James Bond, which I share from other Kinja-based blogs. I hope you have read one of my many articles already, as they are often shared over to the Jalopnik front page. Jalopnik, Gizmodo, and specifically Patrick George have been generous in sharing my voluntary work, and is now my measure of success with the blog.

I also manage an Instagram account associated with the blog which has enjoyed steady growth from a welcoming community. I have experience in advertising my work on social media avenues including Facebook and Twitter as well. I encourage you to check out the blog, as I would be interested in, but I am not limiting myself to, being employed to do similar work.


I am looking for any work in the Charlotte area, but opportunities for me to gain experience in a position that requires copy-editing or producing would be of extreme interest for me. I can write with a voice as well as objectively depending of the needs of the story or the requirements provided.

If you are interested, please contact me at

From there I can provide any further information and I am completely open to questioning. Phone numbers, references and contacts, as well as a resume or other documentation will be quickly provided upon request.


If you, reader, have any other suggestions for avoiding the “quick-service” industry and finding a job suitable for balance with the schedule of a college student, please share it!

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to the future.


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