To PNW Oppos living north of Seattle...DON'T DRIVE.

The conditions are going to be butt-nasty. Like Rikishi’s Stink Face nasty (look it up). I went out and did a drive at 11:20PM and compiled a report just after midnight on Twitter. While the roads may lack in snow, it makes up for it in the amount of re-freezing slush that will turn the entire fuckin’ region into an ice rink.

It will be worse than the first three days of Snowmageddon back in February 2019. If anyone locally wants to make a bet against this assessment, I’ll take you on.


The worst part is that we’ve had more snow accumulation in one night than we did in the first two nights of Snowmageddon ‘19. The difference is when the snow fell. This snowfall ended before 11PM in the Everett area, and there is still traffic on the roads — this means those tires are going to be chewing up the snow into slush, and the snowplows will be clearing off the fresh powder and turning it into slush. Salt and sand is utterly useless against slush, which is like oil on the pavement.

That said, if you have an open differential in your car, lacking any kind of locking diff on your drivetrain (be it AWD or RWD), and you don’t have winter tires, stay the fuck home.

You risk getting pegged by an idiot than your own car sliding off.

Bonus: Photo of Snowmageddon 2019 road conditions

Edit: Forgot to add photos.

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