To put into perspective how expensive the 2020 Explorer ST is..

I mentioned how expensive the whole Explorer line is when I went over the pricing breakdown the other day. But when you actually look at the monthly payment breakdown, it puts it in perspective and is a bitter reminder of how expensive new cars are these days.


The numbers obviously speak for themselves, but here we have a standard 60 month term with 10% down and 6 APR and the damn payment is still over a grand a month. Just gotta impress the neighbors and you’re willing to get yourself into some trouble? Even if you go to 75 months, with 10% down and the same APR you’re still at 4 bucks shy of $900 a month.

In my experience, people always paid attention to what they shouldn’t have paid attention to. They always balked or complained about the down payment, but would be willing to accept crazy monthly payments. Even with excellent credit and a 0% APR, you would’t get much help. At a standard 60 months you’re still at $932/month. The crazy thing? The only way to get the payment under $600 a month at a normal 5 year loan term, would be to put $30,000 down. Only then would the payments be $536. That’s crazy

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