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To rent or to buy

So I got a lot of painting to do. Like 1700 square feel walls AND ceilings kind of painting to do. So the question isn’t why the hell am I not hiring out this horrible job, it is - do I rent gear or buy it?

I can rent a pro sprayer from the Home[less] De[s]pot for $400/wk. Or I can buy the same sprayer from their used department for $667.


Looks something like this

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So...super overkill for anything other than painting a whole house by myself in 2 days. Anyone have any experience with these? Can they be used for body work? any other suggestions? I really don’t see a need to buy it if its just for big house jobs...I mean it would make painting my house in the future a much less tedious task but unless I can use if for things other than my house I don’t see the point.

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