In the black RSX with the orange paul walker sticker on the back.

Thank your lucky fucking stars that i didnt have my gopro on my to record your plate number. Not only to you cut me off, but then you try to kill me by brake checking me? Not cool dude. Then revving your shitty little fart-can on me when i passed you a few lanes away, nearly putting a family into a wall in your attempt to catch up to a MOTORCYCLE on the freeway? Also not cool. Neither is running up to me at 100mph then slamming the brakes to scare me.

You are the epitome of why people hate car enthusiasts. liud, obnoxious, think you.own the road. But in reality your just another self entitled prick who doesnt know his proper plave in the world and who got his drivers permit from a ceral box.

Oh, and one last thing. My 800cc motorcycle STILL makes more torque then your honda.