Your car is big and the very definition of British luxury, second only to Rolls. A beautiful car and quite the object of desire. However, you seem to not understand the rules of a four way stop. I was there, at a compete stop first, letting the other cars go their way, when my turn came up. You had just rolled up, and decided that actually stopping was just too much trouble for someone obviously as well heeled as yourself. I suppose this is why you felt compelled to blow your horn at us as we drove across the lane. You missed my car by mere inches and made the car in the other lane to my left have to slam on their brakes in order to miss you as well. Were I not with my family at the time, I can assure you I would not have just kept on driving. I would have turned around and followed you until you pulled over and given you a nice driving lesson.

Still though, you do have a really nice car...but fuck you, motherfucker.