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Sorry about the long and boring story, but it's been rattling around in my brain all night and I have to let it out.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry! You can't imagine how sorry I will be. I know how much it sucks going to buy a car as a kid and getting a salesman that just ignores you. I know how it sucks to get screened from any sort of customer service. I try to overcome this every day, knowing what it was like when I was that age. I think I do a damn good job at it, and sell a lot of people under 25 for that reason. You don't know how many cars I've sold where my boss told me I was wasting my time with a kid. You also can't imagine the hundreds of times I WAS wasting my time with a kid, or the parents come in the next day and freak out. Still, the next time, I get a kid on a Mustang, I am going to say no.


Saturday, 4PM, I finish up leasing a new Lincoln and hit the lot again, looking to pick up one last deal for the end of the month. Two guys pull up in a primer-grey, beat up, early-00's Tiburon GT/V6 and go to look at a used Mustang GT. We start having a good time, since we all seem pretty Jalop, and that makes my job more fun. He tells me he just sold his 370Z, but still has his S2K and a 2004 Mustang Cobra SVT, and was there to drive a new Mustang GT, and if we had the right one, he'd buy it cash. His friend is telling me about his 2012 Evo GSR. I ask why they were driving a automatic, beat Tiburon then if they had all these nice cars, and we all share a laugh.

We head down to the Mustangs, and I show them the white GT/CS we had (pictured above). He drools a bit, and I grab the keys. I do a nice walk around, rev the car a bit, and go pretty in depth into the nitty-gritty engine and specs. I also tell him that I'd like to at least look at some numbers before we drove, and he agrees. He asks me if he'd be able to take it tonight, and I said I wanted to make sure it was the right car before we did anything, but sure.

I explain to my boss what I have and assure him they are qualified to buy from what they say, but we both share that look, that "it's too good to be true" look. First pencil hits, and he says yes at the first set of numbers. I grab his licence and see the nice UNDER 21 UNTIL 8/1/13 stripe. I ask him what he does to be 20 years old and have $40,000 cash sitting around, and I get a honest answer about working a good job and saving money. I don't voice my opinion as to he couldn't have been working it for that long as he just got out of high school 2 years ago, but I let it go, trying not to be judgmental. I tell him I have to save his number so we can hang out when he gets the car, as it's one of my favorite Mustangs of all time.

I drive him around for 10 minutes, guiding us through Track Apps and showing him what a good 0-60 stint is like. I chirp the tires a few times and hand him off the keys. He drives a lot more sedate than I thought he would, but that happens sometimes when I rag on the car a bit, because then the customer feels they don't have to. We get back and I go through SYNC and some of the more mundane things like the radio. He is impressed by the Bluetooth and a lot of the modern features, which surprises me, as a 370Z would have all this as well.


We run back inside, and I ask him to hang on a second as I get some paperwork drafted. He asks if he can just pick it up Monday, and I tell him to report it for the month of June (I'm already in bonus for June, not July), I'd at least like to have a deposit, and he agrees to give me $500, but he will have to run to the ATM. I tell him I still need him, so we'll just process the card here, avoid his ATM fees. He gets a little uncomfortable and tells me how he doesn't mind paying ATM fees and I look at him funny. He asks if he can have a cigarette, and I tell him I'll be back in a few minutes with a few things, so go ahead, but grab his insurance and his credit card while he's at it. He goes out to his car, gets in, and straps up. I know what's coming. The whole dealership knows what's coming. He does a quick FWD burnout, takes one look at the Mustang, and takes off.

Boss asks me to call him. Number is fake. I white-page his address, he doesn't live there. So I'm left, after 2.5 hours, keeping the whole dealership there late, with nothing to show for it but 30 miles on a new Mustang and some tire marks in my lot. Now I have to explain to the next Mustang customer why his car has that extra 25 miles on it. Why some kids were driving his new car around on a joyride.


Chances are he'll go to the Chevy dealer up the street and do the same thing, or already has. I try to tell myself he's an anomaly, but I can remember the dozens of times this has happened before. I try to tell myself this happens to everyone, just ignore it. But I'll tell you what, to the next 20 year old looking to drive a Mustang, I'm sure as hell saying NO. I will feel bad. I will probably die a little inside, or maybe I already have. But I'm still saying no.

Thanks for letting me rant, Oppo, and share my 2nd-Grade writing skills. These kind of things just make it tough for you to keep your head up day after day in a business where the customer already treats you like dirt. I just needed to get this off my chest, and maybe share a little why some sales people are jaded as hell when it comes to this sort of thing, see a little bit where we are coming from.

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