Dearest reader,

I have frequently come across the argument, among my years of automotive enthusiasm, as to why certain amongst our ilk find preference with the shooting brakes, the 5-doors, and the wagons. I read articles like Mr. Demuro's this week, which I think make the issue more complex than it really is. While I will take a local example from my little corner of the earth here in Texas, I do believe that you might take the lessons herein and apply them to your own locale however possible. Let us begin.

Some of us who enjoy running here, at MSR Cresson's fine road course:

Also enjoy running here, at River Legacy Park's EKG trail:

The wonderful world of wagons means I could carry my 29er elsewhere in this delightful metroplex and, with the complete security of an enclosed unibody, not concern myself when I stop for a pre-ride breakfast or post-ride lunch. Additionally, when the time strikes, I might indulge my right foot or hoontuitary glands in a bit of late-onset teenage stupidity or trackrat shenanigans. That's all there is to it.

Yours truly,

Drew, in the market for a wagon


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