To tint or not to tint...?

Hi Oppo!

Ever since I completed my fog light install a while back in the summer, I’ve been pondering. I currently have Selective Yellow bulbs installed in my fogs to help out in low-visibility inclement weather, but I’ve always loved the aesthetic of yellow tinted lights.


I’m currently thinking about maybe giving them the tint treatment so they feature yellow goodness even when turned off:

Illustration for article titled To tint or not to tint...?

As you can see from this highly illustrative, professionally altered graphical representation (read: I did it in 5 minutes with GIMP), I think it would look pretty good!

I know it’s a common mod and maybe some of you think it’s a bit played out, but I’ve always loved the look and am definitely considering it in the Spring. Feel free to share your thoughts! Anybody every do this to their car before that can offer some experience or guidance?


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