As many of you may recall I was debating for quite a while as to whether or not I should get rid of my wagon and buy a truck.

Welp, I did it ... and I couldn’t be more surprised at how pleased I am with my decision. Although I miss my wagon and I miss shifting my own gears, I am now the proud owner of a 2013 Ford F-150 EcoBoost Supercrew with the 6.5' bed option. I also was able to stumble into the extended range tank and offroad/towing packages in a certified vehicle.

Let me tell you. This thing is a bitch to park in the city and the turning radius is for crap. It gets a paltry 16 MPG combined but I am so pleased with the ride, comfort, acceleration, ability to haul large objects and pretty much everything else.

Sync is pretty much the bees knees as well. I have never had bluetooth or USB in any of the 23 cars I have owned in the past so that is friggin awesome.

I am glad I pulled the trigger. That’s all.