To tune, or not to tune. That is the question.

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So, I’ve got this 2012 Ford Fusion SEL 2.5. It’s my daily. Gets me through my 30/45 minute commute to and back home from work every day. It’s had it’s issues, with it’s funky electrical overload on the A/C system. And the quirky transmission. But it does it’s job.


However, I have the incessant need to modify. So I’ve been looking into mods for this thing that will improve it as a daily, and not ruin it. So I’m not going to slam it, or try to build the motor, or anything like that. Instead, I’ve been looking at getting a tune from a company called Steeda. Apparently they’re pretty big with the Fords. According to Steeda, the tune should increase HP and Tq. by 12-17 each, as well as improve the MPGs a little bit. Nothing to write home about.

BUT, the part that caught my interest is that it’s supposed to reprogram the TCU as well, changing the shift points and pressure. One of the biggest faults of this car is it’s transmission, which from what I’ve found in my research, is all down to the way the TCU is programmed from the factory. From what I’ve read in various forums, Ford issued a software update that you have to pay something like $400 for, and it doesn’t really fix the issues. I’ve talked to a few people with this tune and they say it completely fixes it and makes the car much more enjoyable to drive. No more jerky shifts or lag in downshifting. This is exactly what I’m looking for. The downside is that all of those people have the earlier version of the gen 1 Fusion, which had the 2.3 and the 5 speed (auto), whereas I have the 2.5 and the 6 speed (auto). I haven’t been able to talk to anyone who has the gotten the tune on a 2.5.


The tune is packaged with a cold air intake, and the is currently listed for $609.95. With a 10% coupon they emailed me, I could get the whole deal for $548.95. So again I come to you Oppo. Should I tune it? Or am I smoking the crack?

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