Hello fellow opponauts,

Hope you are all enjoying an healthy and tasty breakfast in preparation of a productive day of commenting.

I was just making myself some toasts when I found out I was running out of my favorite condiment, so I had to revert to margarine with a dab of Sweet n’ Low, which was kind of lame.

So, I decided to make a list of the best condiments for toasts.

It’s my list, but feel free to post your own favorites in the comments !

5 - Creamy Peanut butter


A safe option, but a bit coring

4 -

4 - Garlic spread


For those who like to think out of the box

3 - Cadbury Philly cream cheese


All the health benefits of cream cheese with the good taste of fine Cadbury Chocolate

2 - Molasses


You probably forgot about molasses, but please give this old classic a second chance, it’s totally worth it and will remind you of 10W40 motor oil, which will please tour inner gear head.

1 - Map-O-Spread

A true Canadian classic. It is so good that expats are having it shipped abroad.

It’s no longer made of real Maple Syrup, but thanks to modern science, it taste exactly the same.