Toby was a good boy today

Toby and Daisy are in obedience school. Today was the second class. The first class, Daisy did really well and was a star, with the teacher using her to demonstrate an exercise she did well. Toby, on the other hand, was a total goofball.

Today was reversed. Toby sat! He stayed! (ok, maybe not so much), he laid down when told, and did well accepting direction through obstacles. Daisy was very difficult, and consistent with what we believe to be Chihuahua/ Min Pin heritage. That is not a highly trainable combination.


We love them, and are having fun working with them. The one problem is that Daisy gets carsick. Any of you doggo Oppos have carsick dog remedies?

We have really enjoyed taking Toby on Sunchaser trips, but worry very much about his temperature with his coloring. The Touge was a challenge, but he got annoyed that my wife kept pouring water in him to keep him cool. Have any of you ever used something like this? How well do they work?

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