But, 208 years ago, when he died, Mexicans started thinking about becoming independent from the Spanish altogether.

Illustration for article titled Today 209 years ago, some priest started a sort-of-revolt againts Spanish empire

Some eleven years later the Mexicans won the war, and that, kids, is why the Californias are not ruled by Franciscan monks anymore.

Napoleon II sort-of helped, but then Napoleon III invaded Mexico,twice. One of the sole victories for Mexico in latter invasion, the battle of Puebla on the 5th of May, is now sort of celebrated in the neighboring country -and the nation that took 55% of Mexico’s land after a war because of slavery- as a Latino pride day or confused as Mexico’s actual independence day.

Which, by the way, isn’t even on the 16th of September -that’s when the war began- it was actually on the 27th of September of 1821.

Many Mexicans ask themselves, “Why do we even celebrate independence?” and to be honest... I don’t think we celebrate independence. I do believe, however, that we celebrate the bank holiday we get on the 16th of September. Because, as the nation with the highest number of hours worked per year, we don’t get vacations otherwise!

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