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Today at the shop.

Once again I got lazy & had a shop do an oil change. It’s a good shop, my dad has gone there for along time. He takes all his work trucks & vans there too.

They checked the air filter & a self tapping screw was in the filter.

Shop: Crazie your front tires are very worn, much less tread then the rear tires then normal.


Me: 360 tread wear & a more sporty tire would do that.

Shop: For a more sporty tire, they still wore down very fast.

Me: Ummmm, let me go up to the roads where I left some rubber to see if I can pick it up. Let me go ask the driver of the car.


I’m changing them in a few weeks any ways, so I’ll get some new fronts next year.

Shop: Your reverse lights also don’t work.

Me: I’m aware of that, I’m in the process of getting it fixed.

Funny things happen on a twisty road when I’m having a difficult time getting past 4th gear.

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