The things people say.

I was sitting in my office grabbing a quick late lunch and overheard people in the office discussing Detroit which spun into auto-talk.

  • Did you know that when GMC went bankrupt that Toyota bought Chevrolet on the cheap? Or it might have been Mazda.
  • Or how about that fact is funny, because years ago GMC (he was referring to GM... I think) stole the Matrix design and made the Vibe? And lol, now Toyota owns part of GMC. hahahaa
  • The Corvette doesn't sell because it weighs 2tons.. which is tooooo much!
  • GMC (again, he meant GM) still isn't profitable and is still taking Government money
  • Ford is doing good because of all the money they are making in Europe
  • Domestic V8 trucks are bad... they just are!

I was going to go out and chime in, but he was talking so matter of fact that I figured it was useless and I'd just look like a was fighting him for the sake of arguing. Put the earbuds in and went back to work on my pad thai. *sigh*